Repoening June 2, 2020


  1. No more than 15 people in each area. Please sit with family units while maintaining six-foot distance from others.  We will mark off seating spaces for individuals or family units with six-foot spacing in between and request seating in alternate rows. Seating will also be available in the foyer in the front and back of the church. Prayer meeting will begin in the sanctuary to allow for greater social distancing.
  2. Place bulletins on tables for attendees to obtain in order to minimize physical contact and exposure.
  3. Avoid passing or sharing microphones on the stage and regularly disinfect microphones, pianos, sound equipment, devices, etc. 
  4. Provide offering vessels at specified locations where members may deposit their Tithes and Offerings instead of passing an offering plate. 
  5. Dismiss church services in a manner that supports social distancing. For example, members should not shake hands with the pastor or invited speaker at the end of service. 
  6. Continue to provide online services for members at home and guests who may be watching. 


The Conference leadership asks that the following common sense standards be maintained at the onset of reopening churches.

  1. Clean and disinfect between services and high-contact areas regularly (doorknobs, tables, chairs, light switches, bathrooms, pews, microphones, etc.) and assure members and guests that proper steps are being taken for their health and safety.
  2. Place hand sanitizers in high-contact locations (i.e., bathroom, entry, exit).
  3. Avoid the distribution of sermon or Sabbath School handouts and materials.
  4. Avoid fellowship meals, potlucks, church picnics, refreshment centers until July.
  5. Open windows and prop open church doors to enhance air circulation and to minimize touching doors and doorknobs.  
  6. Be proactive in letting those who choose to wear face coverings and those who decide against it, to feel welcome and comfortable. 
  7. Place appropriate signage informing staff, members, and guests not to enter if they are symptomatic or have tested positive for COVID-19. Also provide signage reminding attendees of best hygiene practices. 
  8. Visit CDC guidelines for cleaning & disinfection of community facilities for additional guidance.
  9. One song leader or a family may lead song services.
  10. Recommend that church members not congregate in the lobby or other areas of the church. The ideal is to engage in socially distant conversations in the parking lot to minimize cross-contamination within church premises.